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Bike-On: Europe's First OEM Show Postponed

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FRANKFURT, Germany- The première of Europe's first OEM show for the bicycle industry has been postponed. The show, Bike-On, was originally scheduled for 29 February to 3 March 2000, but organizer Messe Frankfurt recently announced that the first edition is being pushed back to 2001. The reason for the postponement, says the organizer, is a late start, which provided too little time for contacting all the appropriate companies worldwide. According to Messe Frankfurts's Annette Ziemer, Bike-On project manager, the lack of time would result in a OEM show that does not represent the industry in all its facets. "We want to launch Bike-On in a big way. That's why we decided it's better to postpone the show for a year. Mess Frankfurt has allocated a bigger budget and now we have an entire year to lay the foundation for a big and truly international show." Ziemer also states that in addition to the exhibition, Bike-On will include an integrated congress and a design competition. Bike-On 2001 is scheduled for 27 February to 2 March 2001. (JO)

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