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Burley Most Popular Tandem in US

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EUGENE, OR/USA- According to the subscribers of North America's largest bicycle magazine, Bicycling, Burley is the most popular tandem brand in the US. More than 40% of Bicycling readers named Burley as the leading tandem brand. Santana, which topped the survey in both 1997 and 1995, finished second at 35%. Cannondale was third at 31.4%. The Bicycling survey was conducted by Erdos & Morgan, an independent research firm. The average age of respondents was 43 years old, with a household income of US$102,000. Sales and Marketing Director Matt Purvis contributed the rise in popularity to recent improvements to Burley tandem components, frame tubing, and powder coat process. In 1997 Burley was ranked third in a similar survey, good for 32.2% of the reader votes. (JW)

by Bike Europe last update:21 Mar 2006

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