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Dutch Spending More Money on Bikes

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ZOETERMEER, Netherlands- In 1998 the Dutch spent 2.6 billion on new bikes and bike maintenance. That comes to NLG140 (US$64.30;EUR63.70) per person. In 1997 that number was NLG132 (US$60.60;EUR60.10). The average Dutch person spent NLG30 (US$13.77;EUR13.65) on components and accessories last year, according to a recently published study over the Dutch dealer market. The NLG140 (US$64.30;EUR67.40) spent by each Dutch consumer in 1998 was 6% more than in 1997. And the most recent report indicate that this number will be even higher in 1999. In the first nine months of this year the average dealer saw his turnover increase by 9%. Between January and September the average Dutch dealer realized a turnover of almost NLG1 million (US$459;EUR455). (JO)

by Bike Europe last update:21 Mar 2006

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