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Member States Oppose Dumping, but Investigation Continues

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BRUSSELS, Belgium- The ministerial representatives of each European member state regularly come together to discuss dumping matters dealt with by the European Commission. Together they make up what is called the Advisory Committee. And one of the points of discussion at the 1 December meeting was the dumping complaint on frames, forks and wheels originating from Taiwan and China. At the Advisory Committee's meeting the representative of the Dutch government, supported by his English, German and Austrian colleagues, questioned whether, after all the objections submitted to the Commission by both EBMA members and non-members, the complaint still had the legally required support. The representatives stated that the national bicycle organizations in their respective countries--RAI (NL), BAGB (UK), VFM (D) and FF÷ (A)--all opposed the complaint. The Commission replied that at the time the complaint was lodged the support was sufficient, and that the only way to determine the exact amount of current support is to continue the investigation. Moreover, by continuing the proceedings the Commission can verify the arguments that possible anti-dumping duties on frames, forks and wheels will injure the European bicycle business. The majority of the representatives in the Advisory Committee rallied behind the Commission's reasoning. The apparently widespread resistance to the complaint did not play a role in the Commission's decision. The only means left to stop the proceedings is if the EBMA were to withdraw its complaint. If the majority of EBMA members oppose the complaint, they should be able to demand a meeting to review EBMA's position. However, Accell Group CEO René Takens says that no such meeting has been planned. "Our main concern is to continue the dumping duty on complete bicycles imported from China," he says. "The withdrawal by the EBMA of the dumping complaint on frames, forks and wheels will certainly jeopardize the continuation of the dumping duty on complete bikes from China. As it looks now the dumping complaint on frames and forks no longer has the necessary backing of the European bicycle industry. The European Commission will come to this conclusion once it starts to investigate the complaint in detail." (JO)

by Bike Europe last update:21 Mar 2006

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