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American Sports Design Partners with DHL Worldwide Express

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SPRINGBORO, OH/USA--On 11 January American Sports Design's leading product line, Airborne Direct ( to reduce its lead times from three weeks to seven business days for a complete custom bike. DHL is now the exclusive shipping carrier for American Sports Design. Effective immediately, American Sports Design's DirectRate(tm) is available to all North American customers (all 50 states, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands). Complete bikes ship overnight for just US$60; frames are just US$40. International DirectRates(tm) for a complete bike are US$200; frames US$150. There are no other shipping options. The DHL logo will be featured on Airborne Direct's print advertising. "We've realized how the majority of American Sports Design customers suffer from Internet-induced `instant gratification anxiety', and this is our antidote," said Gary Boulanger, Airborne Direct's director of eSales & marketing. "Having to wait three weeks just wasn't acceptable." American Sports Design's new complete bike box size provides customers with a 99% assembled, test-ridden, and road (or trail ready) bike. Airborne Direct, a product line of American Sports Design, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Huffy Bicycle Corporation, Dayton, Ohio. (JW)

by Bike Europe last update:21 Mar 2006

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