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Brunswick's Decision Not to Affect International Business

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ZWOLLE, Netherlands (20 January 2000)--The recent decision by US bicycle manufacturer Brunswick Corporation to cease all manufacturing in North America will not have any effect on the international business, according to European Manager Harald Keeskamp. "Products for international distributors are not produced in Brunswicks' own product facilities," he says. In addition to importing bikes from Taiwan and China, Brunswick sources BMX bikes within Europe from Planet Fun in France. And this fall, Derby Germany will begin manufacturing Mongoose Pro trekking bikes for Brunswick at its Cloppenberg factory. "Derby has a lot of experience with these types of bikes," says Keeskamp. "We plan to produce several thousand of them there this year." The bikes made in Cloppenberg will be distributed in the Dutch, German and Austrian markets. Keeskamp also said that Brunswick has begun working with new distributors in the Czech Republic, Pell's s.r.o., and in Norway, Brad A/S. Brad A/S is the former distributor for Kynast in Norway. Brunswick will announce next week its new distributor in the Netherlands. (JW)

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