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EBMA (Dumping) Meeting Scheduled for 20 January

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BRUSSELS, Belgium (18 January 2000) – Contrary to an earlier announcement on the Bike Europe website, the EBMA meeting did not take place on 14 January. The meeting, which will focus on, among others, the current dumping investigation on frames and forks from China and Taiwan, is currently scheduled for 20 January. Last week we reported that the EBMA meeting had been changed to the 14th. By moving the date forward, we wrote, the Commission could bring a quick settlement to the complaint, which was (and is) expected to be withdrawn. This information, however, though received from reliable sources, proved to be incorrect. Nevertheless, the importance of the meeting remains. As reported earlier, Cycleurope is expected to announce its withdrawal from the latest dumping complaint against Taiwan and China. If this happens, the EBMA will have no other option than to withdraw its complaint altogether. (JO)

by Bike Europe last update:21 Mar 2006

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