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GM Stops Production of E-Car

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DETROIT, MI/USA (13 January 2000) -- Due to lack of consumer interest, General Motors has stopped production of its EV1 electric car. According to GM vice chairman Harry J. Pearce, GM is shifting its attention from all-electric cars to vehicles powered by hybrid fuel-electric systems and fuel cells, which use hydrogen to create electricity. GM spent US$350 million to develop the EV1, billing it as a second car for urban mobility. However, in relation to the US$400-6000 leasing cost each month, consumers were not satisfied with its 80 mile range and several hours of charging time. Since introducing the EV1 in 1996, GM leased only 600 vehicles. "Range, two seats, recharging...those are very real concerns that consumers have," Pearce said. "We have spoiled customers with respect to motor vehicles. They want normal range, they want four or five seats, they don't want to spend any time recharging." (JW)

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