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New Managing Director for Raleigh UK

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NOTTINGHAM, UK-On 4 January Raleigh Industries Ltd. announced appointed Phillip Darnton as managing director of Raleigh UK and to the Executive Board of US-based parent company, Derby Cycle Corporation, (DCC). Darnton replaces Mark Todd, managing director since 1998, who had carried out major restructuring of Raleigh across Europe, and led the move to end framebuilding at Raleigh's Nottingham facility. Darnton, like Todd, is another marketer from outside the bike industry, and will also be responsible for Raleigh Ireland and the Raleigh and Diamondback brands in Europe. Since graduating from Oxford University, Darnton has spent most of his career with Unilever, where he ran two of the company's largest subsidiaries in Canada and Brazil. He joined Raleigh on 4 January from Reckitt & Colman, where he was the Main Board Executive Director for Marketing since 1996. Derby CEO Gary Matthews said, "Phillip is a professional manager with a strong track record, and I look forward to working with him. I have great confidence that he will help us to continue the rebuild of the Raleigh business in the UK and Ireland as well as maximizing the potential of Raleigh and Diamondback across Europe." (TK)

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