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Anti-dumping Proceedings Against Taiwan, China Rounded Off

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BRUSSELS, Belgium (7 March 2000)--In mid-February all those who reported to the European Commission as an interested party with regard to the anti-dumping proceedings against Taiwan and China received a letter in which the Commission announced the termination of the proceedings. Those who wished to comment on the draft decision could do so until 2 March. The proceedings that will be terminated are not only those concerning the import of frames, forks and wheels, but also the interim review of the existing anti-circumvention measures against China. This means that, from the moment of the decision's publication in the Official Journal, the 30.6% anti-circumvention duty on frames, forks and wheels imported from China will be repealed. The proceedings are being terminated due to the fact that on 24 January 2000 the EBMA formally withdrew its complaint on the dumping of frames, forks and wheels from Taiwan and China. According to the Commission's letter, the EBMA cited that the reason for the withdrawal was the decline in support for the proceedings within the association. (JW)

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