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German Bike Expert Hires Axel Keller

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GROß-UMSTADT, Germany (17 March 2000)--Axel Keller, former area manager of Austria, Germany and Switzerland at French component maker EGS, is now a partner at Fahrradmanufaktur Schubert & Schefzyk KG. Keller is the company's new general manager responsible for sales, marketing and product management. Fahrradmanufaktur Schubert & Schefzyk focuses on high-end and full suspension touring and trekking bicycles under the Guylaine brand name. According to Keller, average sales prices exceed DEM4,000 (US$1,980;EUR2,044). In addition to producing between 300 and 400 Guylaine bikes annually, several European OEMs use the company's know-how, which results in between 5,000 and 7,000 exclusively suspension frames a year. Keller plans to expand this OEM business. The company is also involved in German-made aluminum and CRMO steel frame production. At the end of March Fahrradmanufaktur Schubert & Schefzyk shifted its factory and headquarters to a new and wholly-owned facility in Ober-Ramstadt near Darmstadt. (JB)

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