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Look Explains Broken Frames During Paris-Nice

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NEVERS, France (23 March 2000)--French manufacturer Look announced on its website last Friday that the broken frames experienced by three riders for the Credit Agricole team during the Paris-Nice prologue on 5 March were caused by an alloy nut. The 396 CLM, the frame all three riders were riding, is a prototype produced exclusively for the Credit Agricole time. As such, Look emphasized that there is no relation between this prototype time trial 396 CLM and its production frames KG386, KG281, KG296 or any other frame it produces. "This prototype piece is an alloy nut connecting their specific aerodynamic handlebar to the fork," states the site. "The bonding is perfect and is not involved. This nut was originally designed with a full surface and a square hole inside to gain some weight. This hole is the only reason of the failure." In other words, the failures were not due to carbon pieces or production mistakes, but to the design of this alloy lug. The company has designed a new nut without any holes or drills inside. Likewise, the company has changed the protocol of its tests for time trial bicycles for the pros. (JW)

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