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Ofmega Moving Partial Assembly to Slovakia

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KOSICE, Slovakia (10 April 2000)-Italian crankset and bottom bracket producer Ofmega is moving its steel and plastic crankset assembly and finishing to Kosice, Slovakia, some 50 kilometers from the Ukraine border. The company is leasing 4,000 square meter facility and will begin production in the next two months. "We chose Slovakia because the country is open to 100% foreign investment," said Piergiuseppe Perotti, commercial director of Ofmega, referring to the fact the new site will be wholly owned. "The government was happy to have us due to the region's high unemployment." The move to Slovakia opens up space in the Italian site to expand the production of alloy products. According to Perotti, this will enable Ofmega to up its concentration on higher end products. Ofmega produces some 3.5 million cranksets and two million bottom brackets annually in Italy entirely for the European market. (JW)

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