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Manitou: Focus on Weight Reduction

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Manitou has developed a full range of suspension forks and shocks for the coming season containing five forks and two shocks. The award winning R7 MRD barely weights a pound more than the lightest rigid fork but still has 80 or 100 millimetres travel.

This fork is designed to match the lightest possible hardtail or full-suspension XC racer. It weights only 1253 grams with 80 millimetres or 1271 grams with 100 millimetres travel. The R7 MRD has a noble air spring and a cartridge TPC or Absolute damping. The magnesium Reverse Arch casting guarantees maximum stiffness.

If weight reduction is not so important, the difference is less than 300 grams, the R7 Elite Absolute is a fine alternative. The 80 millimetre version is still only 1561 grams and has the same magnesium Reverse Arch casting. The Manitou Minute Elite is the high-end trail fork with up to 140 millimetres of travel and an optional 20 millimetres Hex Lock thru-axle.

Finally the Minute MRD, the lightweight version of the Minute with only 1452 grams in the 100 millimetres version. Additionally Manitou introduces two in line air shocks, the Radium R/Rl and the S-type SR, SRV and SRL.

by Bike Europe last update:26 Mar 2008

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