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Shimano: MY09 Repositions MTB and Trekking Groupsets

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Shimano has decided to reposition Deore LX as an all-out components series for Trekking bikes and to develop at the same level a completely new line for the MTB segment, the SLX. SLX targets Extreme, All Mountain, Trail and Cross Country use.

SLX includes two types of Hollowtech II cranksets for different types of mountain biking, a double and triple. The first one is a compact drive crank set with a double chain ring 36/22T combination. It has a reinforced construction with increased axle and spider strength for All Mountain usage. The crankset comes with a ‘honeycomb’ designed bash guard and a steel pedal thread insert. The triple has been provided with a composite/steel middle chain ring.

Shimano developed two different types of front derailleurs for these cranksets. Both are specially designed for the compact drive crank sets. The matching design and radius reduces the chance of chain drops considerably and offers more tyre, chain and chain stay clearance for compatibility with all kinds of full suspension bikes. SLX has an extra thin profile Shadow rear derailleur which will be available in a medium and long cage version and weighs only 260 grams. The SLX Rapidfire Plus shifters feature 2-Way Release technology that enables the release lever to be operated in two directions. The disc brakes feature 2-piston hydraulic calipers. They offer 20% extra stopping power compared to BR-M585/BR-M600. The brake levers feature Shimano’s Servo Wave technology and they have been developed with a tool-free reach adjust. The freehub integrates Shimano’s quick engagement technology for faster acceleration and improved reaction in technical terrain. The hub and freehub have been developed with a high quality sealing and they carry cup and cone bearings for easy adjustment and high durability.

Deore LX for Trekking

Deore LX Trekking components have a reputation for reliability and durability, and the new LX group avoids complicated gimmicks. The shifters are easy to operate and a clear optical gear display tells what gear is engaged. The brakes also reflect the aim of the group: easy function, excellent controllability and sufficient stopping power. Deore LX combines an attractive and smooth design with Shimano technology for trekking bicycles. The new Deore LX group has Rapidfire Plus shifters with 2-Way Release technology, V-brakes combined with ergonomic brake levers, a sports hub dynamo and a Hollowtech II crank set with integrated bottom bracket.

Wheel sets

Shimano introduces a new road racing clincher wheel set with the same rim construction as the successful Dura-Ace wheel set introduced last year. Both wheel sets feature an ultra thin and lightweight aluminum rim reinforced with carbon layers. The result is considerable weight saving and more comfortable ride characteristics. The new Dura-Ace tubeless wheel set is more than 100 grams lighter than the current one due to the use of an ultra thin aluminum rim reinforced with carbon layers. Besides saving weight, this technology also ensures a comfortable ride. This wheelset has been developed with a titanium freehub body with quick engagement mechanism. It has a wide flange hub and an offset rim to increase rigidity. Weight will be 1400 grams per set.


by Bike Europe last update:26 Mar 2008

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