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Syncros: New Saddles

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Next to other Syncros components, also the saddles are divided into levels according to intended use. The company selected three levels: FR for the hardest conditions up to downhill use; AM as in All Mountain which means up, down and everything in between. The FL level is for comfort without sacrificing strength and reliability.

The new Syncros FR Saddle is lightweight but comfortable with leather cover, strong cromoly rails and aramid rear panel that withstand abuse from crashes. Weight: 312g. The AM saddle has extra padding at the nose for comfort when climbing and contoured foam in the center section to relieve sit bone pressures zones. Leather cover with aramid rear panels for crash protection. The FR is available in white or black.

The Syncros FL Saddle has a slim but comfortable composite shell, Ti rails and a superlight foam. Leather cover with aramid rear panels to withstand abuse from crashes. It is available in white or black and weights 236g.

by Bike Europe last update:26 Mar 2008

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