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fizi:k: Zea:k for Ideal Riding Positions

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The fi’zi:k catalogue for 2008 is loaded with a seemingly endless number of different saddle designs. Like the Zea:k, for instance, which is the first all-mountain specific saddle designed to accommodate two distinct riding positions:
1. Riding near the nose for super-steep climbs when you’re trying to keep the front wheel to the ground, while maximizing power to the rear wheel
2. Closer to the tail of the saddle for steep descents, and ease of getting behind the saddle when things get sketchy.

Zea:k’s unique shape and positioning system naturally mirrors changing terrain and pitch, placing you in the best position whatever comes your way – up, down or riding the flat. Zea:k also includes a rear soft zone. During unexpected impact against the saddle’s tail, the rear zone progressively deforms under the rider’s body load, reducing pain and bruises.

The robust 270 degree mainframe has three lateral rubber inserts: two laterals for extra grip while jumping or riding down and one on the bottom, to facilitate hand grip and shoulder carrying position.


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