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Prologo: Original Gear Collection

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‘Original Gear Collection 2008’ is the name of a new series of Prologo saddles. Special for this new range is that it consists of saddles that are an exact copy of those utilized by professional road race teams for which Prologo is a technical partner for 2008.

Technical specifications, materials and graphics are identical. Absolutely no compromise has been made in creating the Original Gear Collection and there’s no difference what so ever with the products the big Pro Tour names are using. With that, Prologo’s newest range consists of real professional saddles manufactured for those riders requiring absolute performance characteristics and proper balance between light weight, stiffness and comfort.

The main technical characteristics of the Original Gear Collection saddles are:

  • Injected Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Plastic base, with 14% to 30% greater carbon fibre content in respect to other commercially available saddles;
  • HWD Carbon-Fibre Base;
  • Pro Ti Solid Titanium HT Rail, from aerospace industry, with heat treatment to increase stiffness and fatigue resistance (+15%);
  • Super Light 50 degree or Ultra-light DS 10 twin Gel Foam padding, guaranteeing extreme comfort for long rides, correct pelvic support, and ultra-light weight.

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