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Chainglider for Combined Hub Gear and Derailleur

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Three years ago Hebie came out with a new concept of chain protection, the Chainglider. Since that time it has gone through numerous improvements. At present Hebie offers the Chainglider in twenty varieties for different chain wheels, hubs and axle distances.

Today Hebie has added the next variant, the Chainglider Open. It is an alternative for the well-known Chaingilder in the form of a classic one-wing chain guard. This one is open for bicycles with single chain wheels with 38 teeth (for combined hub gear and derailleur, too) and chain adjuster.

Of course the ‘Open’ features the well-known advantages of the Chainglider concept: easy mounting, low weight, puristic design, best protection of trousers and chain.

By using two components Hebie has been able to eliminate nearly all glide noises. The application of two different kinds of plastics allows the assembly of the Chainglider Open for combined gear shifts, e. g. SRAM Dual Drive or Shimano Intego. The Chainglider Open is flexible and movable in all directions.

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