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Pennarola Ciclis European-Built Carbon Frames

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The Sharatan MTB and the Racing Diamante are Pennarola Cicli’s newest frame designs. Both the design and the construction of this monocoque carbon frame have been done in-house by this North Italian frame builder. In addition, all testing and painting is being done in Italy, making it a real Italian frame something that is quite exceptional these days.

The technology Pennarola Cicli uses for these frames is called “CKT technology” (carbon, kevlar and titanium). The weight of the carbon used is 198/m2 and the weave is 3K twill.

The first stage of the monocoque carbon frame production is the mould, which is built after a long period of preparation. During this first phase Pennarola Cicli, together with the project team, create drawings of the frame as it is developed, taking into consideration all the technical aspects of the geometry and engineering.

The actual production process starts with the cutting of carbon leathers by a plotter machine. The cutting program of the plotter follows the project of the laminator exactly. In the next phase the frame is created piece by piece by laying down the carbon leathers into the moulds. To create the right shape and strength, the mould is put under precise pressure in the autoclave. By heating the mould in the autoclave the carbon is dried and given its strength. After finalizing the production process the frame gets its color in the painting room.

by Jan-Willem van Schaik last update:23 May 2008

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