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Selcof Sold to Rivolta Group

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ROSSANO VENETO, Italy – Heavy price competition from the Far East has forced the part and accessory maker Selcof Tech Srl to close its production within a few weeks. The brand name Selcof will remain on the market as it has been sold to the Italian Rivolta Group. This company has been on the bicycle market for many years as well as the four-wheel, industry and sports markets.

Rivolta Group employees 500 people and runs its own offices in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France and Portugal for distribution and logistics. It is expected that the addition to Rivolta’s portfolio will mean new investments for Selcof. The office of Selcof in Rossano Veneto will remain open until the end of this year before moving Rivolta Group located in Pessano con Bornago in the Milan area.

by Jan-Willem van Schaik last update:12 Jun 2008

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