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The Ultimate Tyre for City Use from CST

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Cheng Shin Holland, a subsidiary of Cheng Shin Tyre Taiwan, claims it is the most widely OE used tyre by the Dutch bike makers. It’s the CST Saluo Extra which is specially developed for modern, sportive City & Trekking bikes.

What makes the CST Saluo Extra specially suited for today’s City bikes is its extra thick – 3 mm – protection belt that offers an effective puncture resistance while preserving the comfort characteristics of this tyre.

CST also offers two new MTB tyres which profiles have been developed in cooperation with today’s best racers from the CST Dolphin-Trek team. Both new tyres are called Dolphin but are very different. The Dolphin 1 is targeted to cross country usage for which it offers an intermediate profile. The CST Dolphin 2 is the one suited best for rough terrain usage.

Caption: CST also offers two new MTB tyres of which the Dolphin 2 is for rough terrain usage.

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