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Shimano Launches 11-Speed Internal Hub Gear

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NUNSPEET, the Netherlands – Shimano is currently on Tour in Europe meeting their OE customers for the new product presentation (NPP). Among the 2011 products, the component maker announced the next step in internal hub gear technology. One of the remarkable new components is the Alfine 11-speed internal hub gear.

The new 11-speed internally geared hub technology is part of the Alfine group positioned for sport use. This hub gear will offer three more gears, at a lighter weight than the current 8-speed version. Upgrading this group will further encourage the use of internal hub gear bicycles in the sports market.

Besides more gears and smaller steps in between the gears, the new Alfine SG-S700 offers also a wider gear ratio of 409%. The 8-speed version has a gear ratio of 306%. According to Shimano this internal gear hub is more efficient than the 8-speed version.

The new Alfine Rapidfire Plus shifters SL-S700, available in silver feature the same technologies and operate in the same way as Shimano’s high-end MTB shifters. The new hub as well as the shifters can be used in combination with the current Alfine components and will be available by September this year.



by Jan-Willem van Schaik last update:5 Feb 2010

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