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KMC Stars Award Winning BMX Chain at Taipei Show

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KMC has won the prestigious iF Product Design Gold Award 2010 with its ‘Kool Knight Chain’ for BMX bikes. This Gold award is recognized as the ‘Industrial Design Oscar’. The world’s biggest bike chain maker shall star its eye-catching new BMX chain at its Taipei Cycle booth.

KMC Chain is one of the only three Taiwanese companies to win this year’s Product Design Gold Award and is among the world’s top brands like Sony, Apple and Volkswagen. KMC also becomes one of the few companies that obtained the iF product design award continuously for the 2nd year.

The KMC Kool Knight Chain is specially designed for extreme sports use. It utilizes the unique ‘L’ surface type of surface design on this chain to strengthen its durability. This unique design also reduces serious destruction on the chain generated during extreme stunts, freestyle, and glide to ensure that the chain structure provides more protection, minimizing damage to effectively avoid breakage.
In addition to its functions of high tensile strength, durable chain structure, and stylish design, the half link also fits all types of cogs with different teeth numbers.
KMC Half Link Kool Knight Chain not only overcomes all the stunts and maneuvers in the BMX extreme sports world, but also provides riders with the best transmission efficiency and safety. This Kool Knight BMX chain also be used for fixie bikes.

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