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E-Motion Technologies Turns into E-Motion Experts

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KARLSFELD, Germany – After insolvency proceedings leading to the closure of E-Motion Technologies GmbH’s headquarter in Karlsfeld and its logistics center in Burgau, new investors have been found. They bring about a name-change into E-Motion Experts GmbH for the German franchising company selling e-bikes and e-threewheelers.

On 24th June E-Motion Technologies GmbH, the two- and tree-wheel e-mobility retailer applied for insolvency proceedings at the responsible Munich District Court. According to E-Motion Technologies shareholder and marketing manager Tobias Hoffstaedter it was GM Werner Josef Adam applying for the insolvency proceedings.

Hoffstaedter paved the way to avoid any serious damage for the franchising licensees as well as suppliers. The company’s own Munich store is now in the hands of a new operator. Moreover Hoffstaedter was able to find new investors. Reimar Beer and Hendrik Ramisch – GM’s of the E-Motion outlets in Düsseldorf and Cologne - are supporting Hoffstaedter in the founding of a new company named E-Motion Experts GmbH.

Until end of the year this company will be registered and located in Düsseldorf. According to Hoffstaedter the duo Beer/Ramisch was the largest licensees of E-Motion Technologies. Both Düsseldorf and Cologne stores are doing successful businesses. Former E-Motion technologies GM Werner Josef Adam is not involved in the newly founded company.

New concept
Hoffstaedter says about the new company: “E-Motion Experts GmbH starts with a revised concept skipping its own logistics and concentrating on creating public awareness for E-Motion. Our current ten outlets are receiving the products directly from our five core and five additional suppliers.”

Next to the current ten outlets E-Motion Experts is to target the IBD market with shop-in-shop systems. Tobias Hoffstaedter, now responsible for sales and coordination in Southern Germany says: “E-Motion shop-in-shop is something we would like to establish in some selected dealer stores.” For such a shop-in-shop dealers will have to pay a franchising fee.

by Jo Beckendorff last update:11 Jul 2012

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