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Fallbrook Opens Central European Service Center

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GELSDORF, Germany - Fallbrook Technologies Inc. manufacturer of the NuVinci N360 CVP drivetrain and Harmony auto-shiftingsystem, expands its customer service to support growing European business. “The NuVinci EU Service Center, based in German Gelsdorf, is now officially open for business”, said Jack Brandsen, the company’s Bike Division Manager for Europe.

“The German market, with an average of more than 4 million bikes sold each year, is along with Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries the most important market for a company which is focused on advanced bike products”, stated Brandsen. “Our new Service Center in Gelsdorf near Bonn formalizes Fallbrook’s presence in the market and enables us to be closer to our customers.”

“The most important goal is to be able to answer all kinds of (technical) questions from any audience in the EU regarding our products. Be it an OEM, a dealer or a consumer, we try to resolve all service needs generally within one to two days, which is very much appreciated by our customers. With this dedication to customer service, we strive to distinguish ourselves as a great company to do business with”, said Jack Brandsen.

“But this is not the only reason for us to establish a service center. Further tasks of the will be technical support and assembly of test and prototype bikes for OEM customers, certificated dealer training classes and technical presentations for major German and Dutch customers. The Gelsdorf team will also be responsible for market surveys, handling warranty cases and maintaining close communications with the Fallbrook headquarters in the USA.”

A very important factor for guaranteeing these high service goals is the many years of bicycle mechanic knowledge and experience of Bart van den Boom, the Technical and Service Center Manager. “I have been working in the bicycle industry since I was 16 years old and have been an amateur cyclist for 5 years”, said Bart van den Boom. “I’m highly familiar with the Bike Industry in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and I am looking forward to continue learning and further practicing my knowledge.”

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