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Fixie Inc. Ceases Operations

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KARLSRUHE, Germany – Fixie Inc. – founded 2004 in Kalrsruhe and pioneer in the fixie - single-speed-scene – announces that it is ceasing its operations end of 2011. Fixie Inc. founders and GM’s Recep Yesil and Holger Patzelt, have notified their business partners on their decision.

The reasons for shutting down Fixie Inc. are diverse: “In the seven years of existence we have not been able to reach the sales level and critical mass that justifies our operation and big personal efforts. This year we placed again everything on one card and tried to integrate our company into a larger overall structure. Unfortunately, we could not implement our concept in medium terms. Both trademark and remaining stock are taken over by a new owner.” Recep Yesil and Holger Patzelt do not want to disclose the name of the new owner yet.

It’s obvious that the decison to stop isn’t taken lightly by the two Fixie owners. They state: “We deeply regret that we have not been able to justify the trust and confidence our business partners have shown in us. We have to ask for your understanding on our final decision.”

Caption: Fixie Inc. founders and GM’s Recep Yesil (left) and Holger Patzelt.

by Jo Beckendorff last update:11 Jul 2012

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