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Flextronics in Hungary Selected as Manufacturing Partner for Gocycle

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LONDON, UK – Gocycle’s Karbon Kinetics Ltd. (KKL) announces the selection of Flextronics as its manufacturing partner for the Gocycle. Flextronics will take over manufacturing sourcing and logistics, assembly and ultimately quality control for Gocycle at the Flextronics factory in Hungary. The partnership represents a significant next step for KKL. The company says that it will: “Be able to capitalize on growing international demand for the Gocycle product portfolio by leveraging Flextronics’ advanced manufacturing solutions and global supply chain logistics capabilities.”

Flextronics is a global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider to top technology brands. Richard Thorpe, founder of Karbon Kinetics Ltd and designer of Gocycle, commented, “Headquartered in Singapore, Flextronics is a company with vast expertise and experience in both injection moulding and electronics. Our expertise in light EV design, Flextronics’ expertise in manufacturing and their top-level commitment to green technology will make for a winning combination. We are delighted to take on this new partnership.”

According to Paul Humphries, president of Flextronics’ High Reliability Solutions group, “Karbon Kinetics Ltd’s Gocycle is an exciting addition to our diverse Clean Tech solutions portfolio. We are thrilled that KKL has chosen us as its manufacturing partner for their Gocycle. We look forward to providing KKL unparalleled manufacturing capabilities, supply chain logistics and superior quality assurance, and we look forward to supporting and contributing to the company’s continuing success and working strategically together for our mutual benefit in the electric vehicle market space.”

KKL recently announced specifications for its second-generation Gocycle (G2 model), leveraging experience and investments in design, advanced materials and manufacturing technology and understanding of the market.

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