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SRAM Introduces Auto-Shifting 2-Speed

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CHICAGO, US – It’s the first of a new series of SRAM internal gear hubs (IGH) and is called: Automatix. It’s an auto-shifting 2-speed with no shifter, no cable and no fuss, says SRAM.

The new SRAM Automatix means an innovative concept packaged in an internal gear hub (IGH) offering unknown comfort: you don’t have to actively shift anymore. The SRAM Automatix changes gears when a certain speed is reached and shifts back when slowing down. With its two gear ratios, 1:1 and 1:1.37, the SRAM Automatix is best suited for bikes in urban surroundings.

The IGH also matches folding bikes and kid bikes. SRAM Automatix doesn’t need any handlebar mounted shifters, cables or any adjustment service. The Automatix internal gear hub, designed and built with German engineering, does what it’s name says – it works automatically and nearly maintenance free.

The two gear ratios deliver a bandwidth of 124%. The shifting points can be preset by SRAM according to the guidelines of the bicycle manufacturer at certain speed limits which can be 12, 14 or 18 km/h (7.5, 8.7 or 11.2 mph) IGH product manager Marcus Schneider says that „the SRAM Automatix is the perfect addition to maintenance free bikes which are used every day to run errands, the way to the office or any short distance trips between 2 and 5 kilometers. With the three different preset shifting speeds manufacturers can either assemble a comfy city bike or a fast folding bike.“

The nickel-chrome plated internal gear hub weighs 980gr and comes with a coaster brake which adds to the no-worry-character of the Automatix. For different types of bicycles a range of sprocket sizes can be mounted: 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21-tooth are compatible with the SRAM Automatix. The gear hub can be integrated either in a 28- or a 36-hole-rim. Leading producers of city, commuting and folding bikes and premium manufactures of kids bicycles will integrate the SRAM Automatix gear hub in their bicycle range for the model year 2012. The SRAM Automatix will also be available as aftermarket product from August 2011.

The 2-speed Automatix is SRAM’s first of a new series of IGH’s. Others will come as 7 and 8-speeds that require exceptionally low shifting force. The fist samples of the new 7 and 8 speeds become available in August for display at Eurobike.



by Jack Oortwijn last update:27 May 2011

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