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Cannondale and Koga Winners in Dutch E-bike and Bike of the Year Contest

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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – The 2012 (E)Bike of the Year Contest, this year for the 25th time organized by the Dutch industry association Rai Vereniging, has been won by Cannondale and Koga. The Cannondale E-series is honoured with the Electric Bike of the Year Award while the Koga World Traveller29 wins the Bike of the Year Award.

Reflecting the current popularity of electric bikes in the Netherlands, this time more e-bikes were presented to the jurors than regular bicycles.

The jury was surprised by the broad range of electric presented to them as it varied from models targeted to students up to elderly user groups. The jurors awarded the Cannondale E-Series because: “It is an e-bike with the capital letter E through a combination of sportive design, outstanding stability and an effective Bosch motor.”

The Koga World Traveller29 is honoured because: “Of its quality, its frame, the components used, the 29 inch wheels and its subtle design. It’s the dream of every long distance rider, but also a bike you prefer to use on a Sunday afternoon ride or for commuting,” says the jury.

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    I ride every day - about 40 000 KM per year , I do own and ride Trek 520 and Koga world traveller for about 6 years and also Norco Challenger 9.1 for long distances tour on rough roads beside my commuters , antigue touring Cannondale 1000X and my 2 Raleigh MTB. I did try my friend modified Salsa Fargo on 1900km self supported off road tour last year in Arizona and in New Mexico. My choise for self supporting long distances tour will be Koga World Traveler or Rivendale, for expedition tour nothing will beat my friend heavily midified Salsa Fargo and for asphalt and fast hard packed road in Europe my choise will be 1st- Trek 520, 2nd Co- Motion and 3rd Koga Randenauver.

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