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HUIZEN, the Netherlands - The manufacturer of electric scooters Ebretti recently opened the ‘Ebretti Competence and Assembly Center’ in Huizen, the Netherlands. This location now houses both the manufacturer Ebretti Europe as well as distributor Ebretti Benelux. Electric scooters are becoming more popular in the Netherlands as sales increased 13.8% in 2011.

Product development of both existing as well as for new Ebretti models will as of now take place in Huizen. Main benefit of the new center is that it houses all of Ebretti’s knowledge and know how. The location in Huizen also functions as the European assembly- and distribution centre where the final assembly of Ebretti models takes place. European distributors, sales- and service agents and dealers will benefit from faster and better service, according to Ebretti.

As said; sales of electric scooters are on the up in Holland while at the same time 50cc combustion-engined scooters and mopeds show decreasing sales figures. A total of 4,782 e-scooters were sold las year; 13.8% more than the year before. The great majority, 4,152 in total, were sold in the 25 km/h segment, while only 630 were sold in the 45 km/h moped segment.

Looking at the total market for mopeds and scooters in the Netherlands; e-scooters attained a market share of 5.8% (4.5% in 2010). A total of 22,705 45 km/h mopeds were sold in 2011, almost 10.000 less than in 2010, which means a decline of 30.5%. Sales of 25 km/h models however showed a decline of only 3.3% with 59,840 units sold in total.

The top three of best sold 45 km/h moped brands consists of Piaggio (4,552 or 20% market share), Kymco (3,239 or 14% market share) and SYM (2,162 or 11.6% market share). The top three of best sold 25 km/h models consists of again Piaggio (14,825 or 24.8% market share), SYM (7,145 or 11.9% market share) and Peugeot (4,654 or 7.8 % market share).

by Bike Europe last update:11 Jul 2012

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    Seeing a lot more of these in Taiwan now as well

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