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KMC Launched Components for Bosch e-Bike Drive System

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KMC has developed a heavy duty chain suited to be used on e-bikes with the Bosch drive system. As the Bosch drive system develops high torsion forces on the chain at gear shifts and in particular when shifting is done riding uphill, standard chains tend to break under such usage.

To cope with these high torsion forces the world’s biggest in bicycle chains, KMC, developed a special chain. This type is fitted with reinforced pins that can hold the side plates of the chain when heavy forces are applied. The shapes of the side plates are specially formed to allow for a better shifting performance which brings down the forces applied to the chain.

by Bike Europe last update:11 Jul 2012

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  • # 1

    David - Take Charge Bikes

    Great news! good example of manufacturers understanding issues and developing products to enhance already great products.
  • # 2

    James FitzGerald

    In the UK we've not experienced problems with chains... its the 11T sprocket on the 10sp Shimano HG81 that needs work!
  • # 3

    Christ Bakker

    @James, about the 11t (and 12t) sprocket, you are right, during our tests we found they tend to wear abnormally fast. This is a result of the high torque applied. Chains are in the middle of it, and the fact that you have not experienced any chain problems in the UK may be because only experienced riders test the system. Just wait until an inexperienced person shifts under load while climbing . .

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