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E-Bikes Are Turning Dutch Market Upside Down

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APELDOORN, The Netherlands – A market survey, for which 30,000 households in the Netherlands were interviewed, reveals that the advent of electric bikes is turning the Dutch bicycle market upside down. This multi-client survey, held by TNS NIPO, asked who is already owner of an electric bike; who’s to buy one; why are people buying e-bikes and what do they consider important when buying an e-bike?

E-bike manufacturer and electric bike market leader in the Netherlands as well as in Europe – Sparta - is one of the recipients of the research report. The Accell Group member reveals in a press release on the outcome of the market survey that there’s still a bright future for e-bikes in the Netherlands. Despite the fact that already some 700,000 are sold the survey says that the market will continue to grow in the coming years.

Younger buyers
The large-scale market survey reports that in particular buyers in the age group under 55 years are about to enter the e-bike market. They will present a boost in sales. The survey says that in the next years over 40% of the e-bike sales will take place by consumers who are younger than 50 years. This is an increase of 15% compared to the current market situation. In its press release Sparta cheers: “Finally the e-bike market is rejuvenating!”

In larger cities the rejuvenation is expected to take place a little faster than in the rest of the Netherlands, but will be noticeable everywhere. The new e-bike buyer intends to use his bike regularly; about half of them even daily. In particular for short city trips (about 75% of all cases). With that the electric bike offers an increasingly attractive alternative to existing means of transport. The market survey concludes that this brings new demands for e-bikes as well as for product orientation.

Average purchase price
As for product orientation; today's consumer starts his quest in most cases on the internet. The sale, however, will continue to take place primarily at dealers. According to the market survey; Internet sales of e-bikes is expected to rise only slightly. This offers dealers plenty of opportunities. On the average purchase price for an e-bike the survey reveals that it will be well above 1500 euro while a big part of new buyers groups is expected to spend a significant higher amount.

What is also remarkable is that the TNS NIPO survey concludes that nearly three quarters of all buyers indicate to buy two e-bikes (a gents and a ladies model) in one sale.

Brand preference
For Sparta the survey among 30,000 households brought good news. The bike maker specializing in electric bikes enjoys the highest brand preference among e-bike buyers. The complete report is available at TNS NIPO.

by Bike Europe last update:11 Jul 2012

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  • # 1

    James FitzGerald

    Can somebody please tell David Cameron! (to stop backing the pipe-dream that is electric cars, and start supporting this proven low cost form of personal transport). Google justebikes to see the range of SPARTA, KOGA and Haibikes (all Accell companies) available in the UK.
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    Hey. Can somebody please post a link to the complete report from TNS NIPO. I can't find it on the website.
  • # 3

    tim blackman

    Over the last few weeks we've had fuel shortage, car park charges at work, fuel price soaring. You've got to try electric bikes - they are fantastic, convenient and save a load of money. Get out of your car and onto an electric bike - you won't believe it
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    Re James' comment, I agree, Cars whether fuel or electric still create traffic jams.
    E Bikes make much more sense in reducing the congestion on the roads in todays cities.

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