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Shimano Launches New E-Bike Drive System at Taichung Bike Week

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TAICHUNG, Taiwan – It is for the first time that Shimano presents itself with a booth at Taichung Bike Week (TBW). And that’s not without a reason. The biggest bike company in the world is presenting its new e-bike drive system here.
Shimano presents new e-bike drive system at Taichung Bike Week.
Behind closed doors of the Shimano booth on the 10th floor of the Splendor hotel the company presents its new e-bike drive system ‘strictly for OEM’s on registration only’. - Photo: Bike Europe

That new Shimano e-bike drive system is 'the talk of the town' at the 2013 TBW that kicked off earlier today in Taiwan. The components giant is presenting it to product managers. And that is taking place behind closed doors at the Shimano booth on the 10th floor of the Splendor hotel. On Bike Europe's request for more information Shimano answered that a detailed publication is, "very time sensitive." And that on November 11 a press release on the new drive system will be published.

Shimano's 2nd generation e-bike components

The new drive system is for ModelYear 2015 e-bikes. The first bikes fitted with Shimano's second generation e-bike components will be presented at Eurobike 2014.

Shimano's new generation e-bike components follows on what the company presented in 2010. At that time the company entered the e-bike market with a system called STEPS. That acronym stood for 'Shimano Total Electric Power System'. Shimano's STEPS drive system didn't became a success. Electric bicycle manufacturers didn't use the system as it offered insufficient pedal power support as well as a too small range.

by Jan Willem van Schaik

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