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New Look for the UK's Motorcycle Industry Association

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LONDON-The UK's Motor Cycle Industry Association (MCI) is celebrating the dawn of the new millennium by launching a new corporate identity. MCI is the trade association of UK motorcycle manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and service providers of the industry. With a new logo, the Association says it is sending a clear message to those involved with motorcycling that MCI is a focused, dynamic and proactive organization, dedicated to promoting motorcycling into the new millennium and leading the industry forward through an ever evolving business and legislative environment. "The late 1990s saw an unprecedented resurgence in public interest in the powered two-wheeled option," said MCI Chief Executive Mark Foster. "Added to this, the industry took huge strides forward in terms of providing value for its customers and impact on the legislative process. These factors, coupled with this century's most successful International Motorcycle Show, means we were able to end the 20th century on an enthusiastic note." (TK)

by Bike Europe last update:21 Mar 2006

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