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Rabeneick, Bremer Fahrradmanufaktur to Cooperate

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BREMEN, Germany (23 March 2000)--Bicycle manufacturer Bremer Fahrradmanufaktur and Rabeneick, both in the hands of the German bicycle giant Berthold Lönne (Prophete, Kreidler, etc.), have signed a cooperation agreement regarding production and purchasing. While the Bremen-based Bremer Fahrradmanufaktur is eager for some new investments to further increase sales, Lönne is looking for an effective and cost-cutting partnership. With last year's takeover of Rabeneick Lönne already entered the high-end segment. The Prophete brand, on the other hand, is a low- to mid-end bicycle brand sold mainly through non-specialty retail distribution channels. Lönne's mid- to high-end Kreidler branded bicycles are already produced at Oldenburg-based Rabeneick, a traditional and very innovative city bike manufacturer. According to Jürgen Schnier, general manager at Bremer Fahradmanufaktur, he will remain the majority shareholder in the company. He also guarantees that Bremer will continue to uphold its independent and in Germany well-known high-end and custom made image. Prophete owner Bertold Lönne is also member of the board at the German Two Wheeler Industry Association VFM. (JB)

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    Sílvio Romero Soares de Souza

    I am restoring a bicycle Rabeneick unknow date or model(1946/1950) and i need some informations about the game of colours and original sticks or decals. I apreciatte any help you can give me. Thanks for attention.
    Sílvio Souza

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