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The Chiba Glove Company Increasing Factory Size

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TAMPA, FL/USA (14 March 2000)--The Chiba Glove Company is set to begin operations at its new 50,000 square foot factory in March. This addition to the 147-year-old German glove manufacturer's existing factory of the same size in Semerang, Indonesia, will help Chiba meet the increased demand. "Several of the new features we have added to our cycling line, like our Quick Pull System and our Digital Carbon Fiber palms, have increased sales dramatically. We are increasing our production capacity in order to meet this demand as well as meeting the demands for all of the private label work we have contracts for worldwide," states a Global Sports Group Inc. press release. The Chiba Glove Company plans to grow in the cycling markets as well as several other markets. "One advantage we have as a glove manufacturer is the ability to go where our cycling competition cannot. All of the growth we experience outside of the cycling industry, will help us find new innovative materials we can bring back into our cycling line. This will allow us to have the most advanced cycling products on the market." Chiba is expanding product markets in both law enforcement and fire protection in the US. The company has room to build another 50,000 square foot facility on the new factory site if demands warrant it. The Chiba Glove Company is Europe's largest producer of cycling gloves and one of the largest producers of gloves worldwide. (WJ)

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