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VANCOUVER, Canada – ‘Cities in Motion’ is the theme of the next Velo-city global. The conference will take place from June 26-29 and will spotlight communities that are enabling and encouraging people of all ages to choose cycling as a daily form of active transportation and recreation.

Velo-city conference is seeking presentations from political leaders, government officials and staff, researchers, professionals, advocates and business people from around the world that address the conference and program themes. The organization is particularly inviting presentations introducing innovative research, concepts and solutions, including those that go beyond the themes from a broad range of backgrounds, disciplines, cycling cultures and organizations are most welcome.

Presentations should provide insight on challenges, solutions and successes to help illustrate courses of action for others to follow. The Charter of Vancouver which will b signed at the conference will focus on the global rights of children to embrace and integrate cycling in their daily life. Cycling is not just a lifestyle choice, but also an issue of basic mobility for many. Velo-city invites submissions that will support the movement of this Charter in both developing and developed countries.

The deadline for submissions is November 15, 2011.
Click here to submit presentations for the Velo-city 2012 Conference.

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