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Accell Group Presents New E-Bike Technologies

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HEERENVEEN, the Netherlands – Europe’s nr. 1 in e-bikes, Accell Group, launches new technologies for its e-bike brands Sparta, Batavus, Koga, Winora, Hercules and Lapierre. “One of the key success factors of our ION technology is that it is the only system available on the e-bike markets which can always be kept up-to-date with new software releases”, says Accell Group CEO René Takens.

“Even when you have a 2 or 3 year-old e-bike from Sparta, Batavus or Koga, it is always possible to equip it with the newest ION technology. With these latest innovations in battery performance and speed control, we again confirm and strengthen our lead in the market for electrically supported bicycles.”

“Another addition to our software is a fully automated charging system which enables the e-bike to charge during deceleration”, explains René Takens. “Similar to the latest generation of cars, the battery of the bicycle is being (re-)charged with the energy released during braking via software called ART (Automatic Regenerating Technology). The system is also charged automatically during so called ‘freewheeling’, riding out without pedaling or braking.”

Accell Group also introduces a special Power Module for additional power in the mountains. This special software offers forceful support when climbing a steep road which of course forms the ultimate challenge for the battery and motor in case such a climb is long-lasting. According to Accell, an intelligent measurement and control circuitry ensures that no overheating occurs. The bike rider can freely and very easily climb a mountain.

To improve safety when cycling, Accell Group added the Comfort Cruise Control (CCC) software. This program enables the bike rider to reduce the maximum speed of 25 km/h to a safer cruising speed of for example 20 km/h during rush hour.

All this new software, which was recently introduced to the dealers, will be installed to the new collections of Sparta, Batavus, Koga, Winora, Hercules and Lapierre for 2012. At the dealers, the software systems can soon also be installed separately and mostly free of charge to previous e-bike models which are equipped with the ION-system.

by Bike Europe last update:20 Oct 2011


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    This article needs to be commented.
    - regeneration when downhilling needs certainly larger chargeable batteries
    - charging when freewheeling without decelerating is certainly only insignificant trikle charging
    Although it is wishful tu upgrade software, there are no wonders possible after all but the motor needs also to be capable to allow for an efficient operation and needs to be robust with regards to overload.
    For this purpose I propose using a thru-axle design with inner cooling.
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    Todd Edelman

    Efried, what is a "thru-axle design.."?

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