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New Owner for Swedish e-Bike Brand Lifebike

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STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Lifebike, the biggest e-bike brand in Sweden, has been sold by Enterprize, part of the Swedish commercial TV station TV4, to MiPeCorp AB. This is an importer selling mopeds and scooters through (among others) its franchise chain This is with 28 branches the largest supplier of scooters in Sweden.

Lifebike electric bikes were launched in 2009 in Sweden. An extensive marketing campaign in Sweden through the TV4 station from its owner, brought the brand to the attention of many Swedes. Electric bikes were hardly known in Sweden. Lifebike changed that and the name is by now synonymous for electric bikes.

Lifebike e-bikes have been sold in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The new owner is to reinforce the position of Lifebike by working closely with retailers in even more countries. Before the end of this year the new owner will present new Lifebike models for the 2012 selling season. These new models will be assembled with quality components such as Panasonic, Shimano, Tektro, KMC etcetera.

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  • # 1

    Lars Munksoe

    Nice bike. If you like this design you can download the Protanium catalogue from at enjoy the original on page 4. The picture on is photo manipulated to show an old type battery. Otherwise the picture is the property of Protanium and used without Protanium knowledge and approval.
  • # 2

    Jan-Willem van Schaik

    New image uploaded on request of Lifebike
  • # 3

    Lars Munksoe

    New picture of Protanium design frame ;-)
  • # 4

    Lars Munksoe

    Actually the shown picture on bike-eu is still the property of If you click on the picture to magnify, then and only then, the new picture of “Lifebike” is show. Then it can be a fun challenge to find differences, between the small image and the magnified picture ;-)
  • # 5

    Karl Andersen

    Let´s hope that the quality has been improved. The first batch had so many problems that dealers believe that the E-bike introduction in Sweden has been delayed at least two years due to bad reputation which spilled over to the e-bike concept.

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