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BH Bikes: 'No Take-Over by Accell Group'

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VITORIA, Spain – BH Group denies that there are plans to sell its subsidiary BH Bikes to the Accell Group. The company mailed Bike Europe an official statement which says: “BH Group has no plans to sell BH Bikes or any other part of its business to the Accell Group.”

Yesterday, the financial press in the Netherlands and in other European countries published a statement made by Accell Group CEO René Takens. In this statement, made in an interview with Reuters, Takens named BH Bikes as a potential take-over candidate. Bike Europe published this news yesterday.

This triggered the BH Group management to issue an official statement. It says: “With regard to the news published on the Bike Europe website about the sale of BH Bikes to Accell Group, we hereby state that:

- BH Group has no plans to sell BH Bikes or any other business to Accell Group or other corporations.

- As it has been doing for a long time, BH Bikes is independently focused on the development of its strategic and growth plan on an international level. Our brand and models are a benchmark of state-of-the-art technology applied to the cycling experience.

BH has been operating independently for a century now and plans to continue to do so for another 100 years.”

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