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Twinny Load Operations Continued After Liquidation

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GRONINGEN, the Netherlands – ZenS Holding took over a part of the activities of Twinny Load, manufacturer of bicycle carriers. This take-over does not include production.

The Twinny Load operation, innovator and manufacturer of bicycle carriers was no longer profitable for owner Felua Group as reported at on November 22, 2011. Click here for this report:

Dutch Felua Group announced last November that it would terminate all activities and production of the Twinny Load carriers. The transfer of current management of Twinny Load, Bart Wiegant and Ruud van Abbema is included in the deal with ZenS Holding.

With brands like Service Best International and Autosport Tepper, ZenS Holding is active in the automotive industry but the company is also a parts and components supplier in the bicycle industry.

“The transfer of all activities of the strong international brand Twinny Load to ZenS Holding is a preferred solution as service and warranty for all current owners of a Twinny Load carrier are guaranteed as well as deliveries of all accessories and replacement parts”, said Bart Wiegant, Twinny Load CEO.

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