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Blomson Sells BeOne and Montego

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BEVERWIJK, the Netherlands - Montone Cycling is the new owner of the Dutch bicycle brands BeOne and Montego. “This take-over allows us to focus again on our core business: the international trading in bicycle parts and components”, said Maurice Blom (photo), GM of Blomson International, former owner of the two bike brands.

The acquisition of the two brands by Montone Cycling BV includes the development and distribution of BeOne and Montego, all staff involved as well as the exclusive distribution rights for Edco Wheels and Catlike helmets.

In 2004 Blomson International BV launched the brand Montego with a range of city and touring bicycles. In 2005 the BeOne brand name (race and mountain bikes) was added to the portfolio. Two years ago Maurice Blom started to build a team of professionals in order to expand this business.

“To fulfill our future growth plans and professionalize our organization we have partnered with the Dutch private equity company Nimbus”, said Rolf Timmerman, GM of Montone Cycling.

“Our aim is to strengthen the current market position of Montego and BeOne in the Benelux through an exclusive dealers network”, explained Rolf Timmerman. “We will offer annually changing bicycle ranges and state of the art dealer support. To strengthen our relationship with the IBDs we will continue to enlarge our portfolio of bicycle accessories. Besides expanding the current IBD network in the Benelux we have plans to build an international network as well.”

“This restructuring is positive for all parties involved”, says Gert Jan Huber, Partner at Nimbus. “Nimbus will support Montone Cycling with the expansion of its business and to identify new opportunities and markets. We are pleased with BeOne’s and Montego’s market position created by Blomson International in the past years. We are convinced that Montone Cycling will maximize their position in the international cycling landscape with their renewed focus”, stated Gert Jan Huber.

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