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Multi-Million Investment by Messingschlager in Warehousing

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BAUNACH, Germany – To meet growing demand for its products Messingschlager took its new warehouse already in operation while still under construction. The building of the new warehouse will be finalized at the beginning of April this year as planned. To enable a speedy order processing Messingschlager also increased its warehouse staff by 20%.

In the meantime the implementation of the new fully automated high-bay warehouse system has been completed. The new docking stations for good entrance are ready for use. After testing the new high-bay warehouse it has been taken into operation and the initial 1,000 pallets position out of 4,000 are in use by now. The fast order picking storage for small size orders is already in full operation.

Messingschlager’s new warehouse has some features from receiving to shipping worth noting:

  • - The number of docking stations for trucks is almost doubled with the new building so the simultaneous order entry and shipping can be improved.
  • - The net storage area will be increased from approximately 8,000 to 10,000 square meters.
  • - The newly constructed warehouse consists partly of an 18 meter high automatic pallet racking as well as a fast order picking storage.
  • - The expansion creates approximately 8,000 new storage positions.
  • - The stock turnaround time will be shortened considerably resulting in less logistic costs.

In addition to this multi-million investment Messingschlager also implemented a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This ERP together with a logistics program will be put into operation in the new warehouse. The new building also created the opportunity to expand the existing office spaces and to add showrooms and conference rooms.

The new site offers a wide range of opportunities to demonstrate what bicycles have to offer and to conduct intensive field tests. A professional four-cross track has been complemented by a dirt trail and cross country training track. The 18-meter high facade of the new storage building will be enriched by an additional attraction: an open-air climbing wall.

Other plans for 2012
At the end of 2011, Messingschlager was awarded the most “bicycle-friendly company” in the country by the B.A.U.M. eV in Germany and the company does not want to leave this unnoticed. As part of the expansion works Messingschlager offered its staff that came to work by bike several incentives. Their aim is to be certified as a “Bicycle Friendly Company” by the ADFC (Germany’s Cyclist’ Federation).

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