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Motorcycle Accidents Decrease in Denmark

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COPENHAGEN, Denmark (23 March 2000)--According to recent statistics launched by the national Union for Motorcycle Branch (MCLF), Danish motorcyclists and moped riders are getting better are riding their vehicles. In 1985, 861 were injured while riding a motorcycle and 52 persons were killed. In 1998, the numbers were down to 376 accidents and only 21 people killed. At the same time, the fleet of registered motorcycles have increased significantly, from 41,395 in 1985 to 63,987 in 1998. As such, the number of accidents per 1,000 registered motorcycles has dropped from 20.8 to 5.9. The reason for the significant drop is, according to the branch, that motorcyclists today are more mature, better protected by riding gear and in many cases ride only in clement weather conditions. For EU scooters the number of accidents increased from 102 in 1996 to 302 in 1998. This fleet has also increased, meaning that the accident rate per 1,000 EU scooter registrations is stable at 6.3. In 1998, six people were killed riding EU scooters. Despite the current boom in motorcycles and EU scooters in Denmark, the theft rate has remained stable. in 1985, 1,416 motorcycles were reported stolen. In 1998, that number was 1,306. The police managed to recover 159 of the stolen vehicles. (CH)

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