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Dutch Bike Market Declines but E-Bike Sales Keeps Growing

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – Last year 1,171,000 bicycles were sold in the Netherlands, a decline of 3.6% compared with 2010. However, the sector can look back on another great year in electric bikes. Despite a hard winter and a poor summer, e-bike sales were 7% higher compared to 2011.

The average retail price for a new bike (total market; including sales at department stores) increased from € 728 in 2010 to € 745 in 2011. The average retail price of a bike sold at IBDs was much higher: € 960.

Growth in the sale of e-bikes
This upsweep is the result of the ongoing growth in the sale of e-bikes. Total 2011 sales of electric bikes amounted 178,000 units, an increase of 7% related to 2010. These figures were revealed last Sunday at the Dutch trade show FietsVAK.

At the opening of this event Jack Duis, chairman of the exhibition committee of the FietsVAK, clearly indicated that the bicycle industry is a healthy business. “Of course we are concerned about the world economy and this will have an impact on the bicycle industry as well. Nevertheless the Netherlands is and will remain a cycling loving country. People are prepared to pay a relatively high average amount for a new bike allowing manufacturers to invest money in product development. These innovations drive the Dutch bicycle industry. Several of these novelties are on display at the FietsVAK.”

Cautios about the future
At the same time René Takens, CEO of Accell Group and chairman of the bicycle department of the industry organization RAI Vereniging expressed his hope that all negative publicity regarding the world economy is not affecting consumer confidence too much. “It makes the consumer unsure and restrained in its spending. Still, we are very content with the market development for 2011. The market has gone down a little bit, but 3.6% does not reflect a structural decline.”

by Bike Europe last update:11 Jul 2012

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