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Financial Times: E-bikes Turning Bike Makers into Hot Properties

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AMSTERDAM, the Netherlands – The Financial Times reported last week that electric bikes are turning bike makers into hot properties. The renowned newspaper came to that conclusion after one of its reporters visited a fair for the elderly which was held in The Netherlands in September. Here electric bikes were one of the highlights of the show.

All the major Dutch e-bike brands were on display at the ’50-Plus’ fair in Utrecht, The Netherlands. They were one of the main attractions for the close to 100,000 visitors this 6-day show pulled. It spurred the Financial Times to report on, “The worldwide wave of demand for electric bicycles. Sales are seeing double-digit rises every year, driven by leaps in efficiency in small, computer-controlled electric motors and batteries.”

With the recent news on Pon Holdings taking over the prominent Dutch e-bike maker Gazelle and currently chasing for a majority stake in the biggest in e-bikes in Germany, Derby Cycle AG, the Financial Times concludes, “Growing e-bike sales are turning bicycle manufacturers, long viewed as unexciting companies, into hot properties.”




by Bike Europe last update:10 Oct 2011

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