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Seven-Day Distance Record on Australian E-bike

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SYDNEY, Australia - Allan Lear, the CEO of Australia’s Hahn Environmental Services, has broken the Guinness record for the “Longest Distance Traveled by Electric Bicycle in One Week.” He pedalled some 1.629 kilometres through the Australian outback, riding a modified “Stealth Bomber” e-bike.

In order to set the record, Lear was required by Guinness officials to travel a minimum of 1,200 kilometres during a seven-day continuous time frame – a distance he easily surpassed. Of interest, the used e-bike was converted to run on ethanol produced from food waste that was collected from local businesses. The now green-colored pedal-driven car features two rooftop wind turbines that fuel an exchangeable battery bank.

The wind turbines charged everything including the bike batteries, the CB radios, even the mobile phones. Lear set off from the company’s head office in Landsborough in Queensland riding a Stealth Bomber electric bike that had been prepped to have a longer battery life, along with more rugged tires and suspension.

The bike’s onboard electric hub motor was able to deliver 200 watts of power, with each of the four battery packs averaging around 80 kilometres. Lear reports that he achieved speeds of over 25 mph with extra effort on the pedals and an occasionally helpful tail wind.

by Bike Europe last update:26 Oct 2011

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    This is pretty cool. Electric cars and cycles are also setting records. Check them out at

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    John Goslino

    This shows the potential of electric bikes and latest technology long-range and (presumably) lighter batteries, though the cost of this specially prepped bike would be much different to what mainstream prospective users would be willing to pay. E-bikes as offered by distributor Urban Mover Australia amongst others are of a solid, good standard though offer a range of 30km and hence are mainly suitable for flat metropolitan riding, commuting to work etc. Advancements in battery technology would make a great difference to the viability of electric bikes.

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