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Ford Is Next on E-bike Market

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FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany – At the largest automobile exhibition in the world, the IAA in Frankfurt, which takes place from today until September 25th, several new e-bikes are presented. The theme E-Mobility is also growing at the IAA and major car manufacturers seem increasingly charmed of bikes as an alternative means of transport.

A striking example was the first Ford E-Bike Concept of the Ford lifestyle collection. It was finished just a few days before the show started. However being a part of the lifestyle collection is an indication that could be very serious attempt of Ford to enter the e-bike market.

The lightweight pedal assist bike is constructed from high-tech materials with a very compact 350 Watt motor in the front wheel. The operation has three settings (eco, comfort, sport) with a pedal assist up to 25 km per hour.

The concept is shown with the lithium battery in the saddle tube. According to Ford’s spokesman, the battery will be mounted at a lower position on the frame when the e-bike will finally be produced. “To avoid instability when accelerating the electric motor has a sophisticated control system. This ensures that the motor support is evenly built up and unwanted reaction forces can not occur”, told the designer of the concept.

One of the striking details, besides the components used like the belt drive instead of a chain, is the implementation of a smart phone as a dashboard. This not only presents the obvious information to the cyclist, but also acts as service indication and diagnostics system for electrical and electronic engineering.




by Rob van Ginneken last update:6 Oct 2011

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