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Scooter Dealers Outnumber Motorcycles Dealers in UK

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LONDON, UK (20 January 2000) --For the first time on record the number of franchised scooter dealers has overtaken the number of franchised motorcycle (and non-scooter selling) outlets in the UK. A study by motorcycle trade database specialist & market consultants Motion Promotion reveals that there are 897 franchised motorcycle outlets in the UK (including all branches of the multiples), while scooter specialist dealers now total no fewer than 943. This represents a growth of more than 31% in scooter retail presence. "It's an interesting period of growth for the motorcycle retail market in the UK, but the real significance of the figures is the rate of increase in scooter dealers," says Simon Evans of Motion Promotion. "While 52 new motorcycle franchises were added in 1999, an amazing 227 new scooter specialist outlets were added in the same time period - a phenomenal rate of growth! Perhaps most significant of all is the fact that our analysis only takes into account dedicated scooter retailers - if one includes the franchised motorcycle dealers that also sell scooters alongside their bigger machines, the figure easily exceeds 1,100!" Evans predicts that new scooter sales will outstrip motorcycle sales by the end of 2004 and that the UK will require more than 3,000 scooter outlets to handle the volume of business that results. There are currently 32 different makes of scooter being sold on the UK market and some 3,400 motorcycle and scooter dealers of all kinds, including secondhand and accessory-only retail outlets. (PNB)

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